Our History Background

The Association of Port Terminals and Companies of Veracruz was created on March 10th 2003 by three Operators of the Port of Veracruz; and presently, it has fifteen active Members.


The location of our Association is the city of Veracruz, Ver., in Mexico, having the capacity to establish agencies, representations and offices anywhere in the country or abroad.

Objectives of the Organization

The purpose of the Association is to promote activities, as a non-profit organization, in benefit of its Members, such as:

Discussion and solution problems that are common for the members.

Collection of all kinds of legal and statistical data, as well as international treaties and any other document or law related to handling, operation and services provided by or at port terminals.

This Association aspires to contribute to a sustained economical development of the Port, supported by an efficient and dynamic port operations industry that satisfies the requirements of the national and international trade industry in an environment of increasing competition.